Pokemon Revolution Online Rules
Hello fellow trainers!

Breaking any of these rules will result in disciplinary action against the account related, and most likely will be permanently suspended.

1. By playing PRO (Pokemon Revolution Online), you agree to the Terms and Conditions found in this link.

2. You are permitted to have 2 accounts per email address and up to 4 per person. We do not offer support for proxy cases. If you are found linked with someone via proxy you will be banned if a ban issued is an IP ban.

3. Account sharing is not recommended, however if you share the account with someone they must also agree to the Terms and Conditions, and they become your responsibility for any actions which violate the Terms of Service.

4. Trades outside PRO are prohibited and not to be discussed in PRO.

5. Using any kind of automation software, hacking or editing the PRO game/client is prohibited.

6. Abusing glitches, and not reporting them as soon as possible will result in suspension.

7. Helping someone to hide their non-legit/hacked/cracked/abused Pokemon/Items/or Money is prohibited.

8. Deceiving/Scamming people when it comes to trading or battling is prohibited.

9. Foul language/profanity, and posting inappropriate or adult content are against the rules, PRO Staff will report you to the appropriate authorities if your offense is considered illegal.

10. Spamming and harassing people is prohibited. Same goes for being foul towards the community and system as whole.

11. Posting links that are malicious, have adult content with them or anything else not suitable for kids is prohibited.

12. Impersonating staff is prohibited.

13. PvP related rules can be found here. Can be changed/updated anytime so check them often.

14. Trade related rules can be found here

15. Disrespect and Toxic/Trashtalk behaviour with no grounds directed to staff and users will be aggressively sanctioned. This applies on official PRO scope.

16. As a user you are encouraged to report any rule breaking/abuse. Please note that staff members are not immune. You should report rule breaking on the forums.

- If the account you use is suspended due to breaking any of the rules above you have a right to appeal. During the appeal process we will take into consideration the rule broken, your behaviour during your time as an appealer, and your behaviour before you were suspended.