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Tue Jan 03, 2017 6:17 pm

[font=Helvetica]First and foremost, we are incredibly thankful to all Former Staff, for the time and effort they have put into helping create the game that Pokemon Revolution Online is today.
Regardless of circumstances, they have done a fantastic job in their time here, and as all Staff volunteer their free time to do this, we are grateful for this and thanks is due.

Due to recent events we have received a number of losses to the Staff Team. We believe as a member of the PRO Community, you deserve to know some details regarding these departures and demotions, as it has affected productivity of Team Revolution.
Please note this does not apply to all recent Former Staff departures.

Unfortunately, a series of events took place in which Staff Members made comment, and in some cases, further action, in regards to Shane's personal life. An "inner ring" was formed, and this destabilized the team. A lot of these people were highly trusted members of the team, however we will not name any of these. Shane was/still is going through very hard times IRL. In the process some staff who left felt offended given the comments and if they got offended we apologize. However, we were hoping for more understanding from those staff as well. You also need to realize that this is his hobby and that he has real life on top of everything.

Efforts were made in an attempt to retain/prevent departures and/or demotions, we wanted to give fair treatment where possible. I (Red) personally approached a few of them, and asked them to rethink both sides of the situation. As a result of these events, some of these people are no longer welcome to PRO and others do not wish to return.

Currently, we are working on rebuilding the team. We have recently opened recruitment Moderation, Art, Scripting and Mapping. We are looking forward, and we are hopeful for potential new members of the team.
We will continue to keep you updated to the best of our ability. Today we released a pre-update that should serve as a sign of positive things to come. Over the next few updates we would like to bring to you more events, and battle related updates. Development in the game will continue to expand following a conversation with the Project Owner (Shane) and we hope to release a new region in the near future.

Thank you very much for your continued support and understanding.
Team Revolution.[/font]


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