Easy tutorial for Experienced Trainers Migrating to Pokemon Revolution

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Easy tutorial for Experienced Trainers Migrating to Pokemon Revolution from "Another Pokemon Game"
[Number of Updates: 6, Last Updated 01/20/17]

Because your smart to do it

1) Assumptions

-I assume you know about IV's EV's, Breeding, How to get through every single pokemon game you ever played.
-I assume you have your own strategy to win, the perfect pokemon team you have always assembled, until now.
-I assume you don't have time, just want the quick run down, and know how to use the forum search function for more information.

2) Lets Start.

The Big Question: Why should I?
[font=monospace]-This is end game pokemon. 700 pokemon, 3 regions, becoming 4. The most complete fan-based pokemon game with the best graphics of 2017.[/font]

[font=Impact]General Basics[/font]
-[s]WILD POKEMON don't run away from battles. Mean Look? Don't need it![/s] * New* This is still true. Only except now is: Abra teleports to escape.
-PICKUP doesn't work
-COMPOUND EYES doesn't work
-FLY doesn't work outside of battle.
-PAYDAY. Doesn't make money.
-BREEDING. Doesn't Exist.
-BUY 1 LEMONADE. Needed for a mandatory quest.
-Spend money only on pokeballs, old rod ($5,000)good rod ($10,000) super rod (75,000), Dragons Den (200,000),.. FIRST.
-Collect leftovers at ship anne or die. Skip the rest of the ship.
-Sevii Islands inaccessable to free play. (buy medallion in donation shop)
-EXP SHARE. Doesn't exist.
-DONT EVOLVE POKEMON till level 90+. (or for pokedex)
-Moving from REGION TO REGION: Take held items off pokemon before moving to next region.
Until Kanto Elite 4, and Johto 8 Gyms, Done, DO THIS:
-DO COLLECT wild pokemon as you go.
-DONT SEARCH and GRIND for a poke.
-Catch each pokemon ONCE.
-Hoenn Region is when you start grinding for all pokes.

3) Quick Leveling Tips:

-Make pokemon fight ALONE, no help
-Fight what the pokemon is super-effective against, higher level than he or she.
-Don't evolve the pokemon.
-Equip with damage boosting item. Get pokemon to KO what he or she fights.

Faster Gameplay/ Hotkeys:
-Go into the game options menu and speed up the text, that displays and types out slowly across the screen.
-In a wild encounter, press 1,2,3,4 on the keyboard instead of using the mouse to click attack, then splash.
-Buy a mount from the donation shop. Just do it.
-When you battle a gym leader and you know your losing... Log out, Log back in.It's like an Escape Rope.
-When you travel far and wide but don't want to... WALK all... the way back.. encounter a wild poke, Log out, Log in, you'll spawn at last pokecenter.
[font=Impact]Usable HM Slave Moves for Kanto Region[/font]
Rock Smash

[font=Impact]Usable HM Slave Moves for Johto Region[/font]
Rock Smash
Rock Climb
Reserved, Johto not completed.

[font=Impact]Usable HM Slave Moves for Hoenn Region[/font]
Rock Smash
Reserved, Hoenn not completed.

Recommended HM Slaves and PVE Slaves per region.

There are two sets of HM SLAVES:
1) The Slaves you need to complete the game quickly, seen below per region.
2) The Slaves you will train once all regions complete.


-Yeah sorry, pull out the wallet, shove aside Starbucks Frappino for a day. Worth it.......Donate for:
2 available tools that cover hm moves.

Pokemon to raise through Kanto (for PvE)

1) Grengar. Best tool against Elite 4. Need level 90+.

2) Marowak. Covers False Swipe, Headbutt, Dig.

3) Optionals: If you don't plan to pay for items in donation shop, get Furret (Sentret) in addition to Marowak, to literally cover the donation shop tools etc. Also, at the very beginning of your venture, save up 5k, forget about Marowak, and ask on trade to buy a low level Seedot. Seedot is the best HM Slave, only accessable by headbutt, (yeah by that time, you wont care to get a seedot). Seedot is worth it for both Johto and Kanto. One pokemon slave to rule them all, and just not accessable till late game. So forget Marowak, buy a Seedot in trade before you fight Brock.

4) Quest Optional: Get a Rattata and level him up with your team to 80. When you reach elite 4, a boss will ask if you have one, unevolved.

Pokemon to raise through Johto (for PvE)

I recommend ignoring Headbutt until 8 Johto Gyms completed. Unlike Kanto, Speed Run Johto, Explore once you get 8 Johto Badges.

1) Grengar. Yes. Again. Find a free Ghastly in some sort of tower filled with wild plant pokemon. He will be abandoned, in a blue pokeball laying on the floor. Raise him unevolved to level 90+.

2)Paras. Covers False Swipe(Move Tutor), Status Condition, Dig, and Flash.

3) Optionals: Reserved

4) Quest Optional: Reserved

Pokemon to raise through Hoenn (for PvE)

Hoenn is like an alien planet. And DONT PICK TORCHIC for your starter, only exception is you plan to put him in storage, the entire Hoenn adventure. In Hoenn, you don't DIG, you don't Headbutt. All you do is questing, and fighting gyms. I will ASSUME you bought the cut, rock smash, and surf tools from the donation shop by now, lets continue:

In Hoenn you don't need any hm slaves. Not for the 8 Badges... okay maybe flash. Put it on a poor Psyduck when your forced to need flash.. then dive, throw it on another poor soul for one/two time use. In Hoenn you NEED a varied team, at high levels, to steamroll through Gyms, or else ask yourself if this is Dark Soul-ke' MON... Here is your answer, this will work decent and prevent wasting time training anything new for Gym Battles:

1) Mudkip.

2)Poochyena. .

3) Pure Electric Pokemon, avoid raising voltorb .

4) Optional: Reserved
2) You completed the game. Here are the endgame HM Slaves, based on analysis of 801 pokemon, and still available in Pokemon Revolution[font=Comic Sans MS]It don't look pretty. It may be shocking. But I spent 4 days looking at 801 pokemon, to compile this: To cover everything, assuming you bought donation tools and surf, I sadly, came up with all 6 slots. You can't cover every essential move and ability without contaminating a Legendary Mew to assist with HM Slaving. I refused to do that. You only get 1 Mew, so is it really worth contaminating him as HM Slave? I don't think so. So you need 6 full slots, to cover the entire game, and... not have a crappy frisker, crappy false swiper, etc. This list is subject to change. Goldduck and Paras will never change. Until 801 pokemon grows past 801, and Smeargle gets sketch move working,..perhaps.[/font]

Here goes:

(Best Swiper Combo, Both these pokemon)
1-Parasect : Damp Ability, False Swipe, Spore, Aromatherapy. (Then choose 1, or none: Stun Spore, Dig, Flash)
2-Goldduck: Damp Ability, Dive, Soak, (Then choose these or none: Hypnosis, Yawn, Dig, Flash)

(Then Choose one of these friskers)
3-Furret(Covers Dig):Frisk Ability, Thief OR Gothitelle(Covers Heal Block): Frisk Ability, Covet.

4)-Beheeyem : Synchronize Ability, Headbutt (Then choose these or none: Heal Block, Thunderwave)

5)- Go here, pick a pokemon: " https://veekun.com/dex/moves/rock%20climb ". Get Rock Climb by learned move, or Move Tutor.

6)- For those completionists out there. Run away Ability is the last one to cover. If you so choose, you can go here:
"https://veekun.com/dex/abilities/run%20away ". The selection is yak worthy. Grab a bucket.
[font=Comic Sans MS]
Congratulations! You can now move freely across the world with the best team of HM Slaving. Using Mew will shorten 6, to 4 or 5, maybe even better. I wouldn't recommend it.


I have to progress through the game more. I might even change the pokemon in this tutorial later. For now this will cover you through Kanto. You wont waste time doing Kanto this way. It's the best until a patch says otherwise.
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great guide wish i had this when i started :Heart:


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great work , it useful :Smile:

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question: how can I buy a low level seedot if I need the 4th badge to trade?

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Nice guide, deserves more exposure to the new comers :y:


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