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General Trade Forum for Red Server.
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The objective of this rules is to make our community have an order that is clear about overall trading and also Forums and Trade Channel will be organized well. Here are the rules:
1. Trade Forums only thread that may be created where the opener actually sells or buy any goods related to PRO. When it comes to trading in general it can be discussed in the sub-forum called "General Game Talk". This rules is created to help players browse easier through Trade Forums if they are looking to buy or sell something specific, so they won’t have to browse through a lot of unnecessary "Off topic"-Threads.

2. Scamming / deceiving other players when it comes to trade is prohibited and will result in punishment.

3. Fake bidding / selling with the only purpose to waste the other side's money + time is a punishable offense and its never accepted in our community, this one will result in punishment.

4. No harassment when it comes to trade. If you don’t agree on the price that it is being sold/ offered for, simply don’t buy it. Any unnecessary comments will be deleted and on repeated abuse will be punished with warning points or even more severity punishment.

5. No accusations of scamming, fake bidding and other things in Trade Forums /Trade Channel, especially without proof. If you accuse somebody in their trade threads without proof it’s considered as harassment and will lead into punishment.

6. Trades outside PRO is not allowed and they also may not be discussed here.

7. On the Trade Channel, please do not spam unnecessary amounts of symbols/ letters in your trade shouts in order to get attention. Any other form of spam is also not allowed and will result to mutes. If this rule is broken multiple times a kick / ban will follow. Posting the same trade shouts multiple times within a few seconds is also considered as spam. Keep at least 5 post between your first and last trade chat post to avoid spamming the chat.
Do not use the wrong channel, just trade related only on the Trade Channel for anything else please use "Help" or "All" -Channel.

8. For no 2-7, if you find someone who broke the rules you can report it here on Report Center. Don’t forget to attach the solid evidence (screenshot) with detailed information when making the reports.

9. Please use proper forums and sub-forums. Currently we have 1 main forum and 4 sub-forums on Trade Forum, here the explanation of main and each sub-forums:
  • a. Selling Pokemon (Main Forum)
    If you have Pokemon(s) (less than 5 Pokes) you can sell it in here. If you have Pokemon for sell 5 or more than 5 Pokes, please use Personal Shop sub-forums to personalize your shop. Do NOT sell shiny Pokemon(s) here.
    b. I want to buy
    Here you can only ask for a certain Pokemon if someone has to sell (shiny or non-shiny). Do NOT sell Pokemon here.
    c. Shiny Pokemon
    This sub forum is pretty self explanatory. For every shiny Pokemon(s) that you want sell, please make your thread in here.
    d. Daycare Shop
    For those who have Effort Value (EV) or/and leveling services, please personalize your shop in this sub-forums.
    e. Personal Shop
    If you have 5 or more Pokemon to sell, please personalise your shop in this sub-forums.
    f. Rates/Price Checks
    Here you post Pokemon Rates and/or Price Checks, no WTB/WTS/WTT in this sub-forum.
    g. Coins and Items
    This sub-forum is purely for any WTB/WTS/WTT relating to Coin Shop items or ingame items
(NOTE: Rather than buying coins from users, buy the coin shop items! This lessens the chance of scams.)

10. Only one shop is allowed per player for each trade sub-forums (Past shops will be deleted).

11. Only one active Trade thread is allowed per player in each sub-forum. (Locked topics from the past and Personal Shops don't count).

12. Trade forums when you have found what you have been looking for / sold your Pokemon/ item, please mark your thread as "solved". You can do that by clicking this little button here:
then your shop will be signed like this:
If your thread isn’t solved, please post a comment in there every few days, for example "still looking", "bringing up my post (short bump)", etc. If Your trade thread hasn’t been touched for 5 days, it will be closed by trade moderators.

13. If you want your shop to be reopened - please contact a trade moderator via private message. Here the list of active Moderators:

14. Other rules will be add as necessary or differently applied on special condition.

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DO NOT contact staff members for private support. Share the question on the forums due to being of use to others. Please use proper Forum. Unsolicited messages will be bathe'd. Thanks.