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Downloads & Update Logs

Posted: Sun Sep 13, 2015 6:11 pm
by Shane
Mirror to downloads can be found here:

Re: Download the game

Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2015 5:40 am
by Shane
Android & Mac Versions Updated (V 0.89_2)

- Fixed Crash when Mac Client was opening.
- Logging in will no longer freeze up the Client whilst you wait (This fix will be in the next Windows Update for those windows users..)
- Performance issues & Other bugs sorted out.
- New maps in Android Build.

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Posted: Tue Sep 29, 2015 11:42 am
by Shane
I wasnt going to do an update, as not much has been changed due to IRL stuff i have not been around this week.
But i needed to update the payment link in the client for coins ASAP, so it needed to be done. Sorry for the inconvienence.

Main Client Updates for 90_0

- Changing resolution should no longer stretch the screen anymore when using DirectX 11
- Some Android devices should now give and utilize more accurate screen sizes which helps the GUI be more clear.
- Fixed a memory leak with some of the sprite handling.
- Fixed a performance regressing when using native rendering plugins on Android
- Fixed a crash in DirectX 12.
- Fixed Crash on MAC OS's that would crash the game on run.
- Fixed HotKeys for items, they now work again properly and not place them selves in incorrect slots and other things.
- Battle Screen updated to match the rest of the UI.
- Packets coming into the client no longer process 1 per frame, but all at once when they recieve them, this is much quicker packet handling..
- New Battle Backgrounds from our artist Carel have been added, you will notice these straight away.. They are pretty.
- Fixed issue with username for purchasing coins being messed up and having to need coins added manually sometimes.

Known Issues
- Mac OSX Version will not be uploaded until Unity fix their issue with the keyboard no longer working in Mac.

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Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2015 12:13 pm
by Shane
- Part 1 of many parts to the Halloween event will be in (This is up to getting the first Pumpkin Hat)
- 5% Bonus EXP During the Halloween Event

- Clothing Items Added
* 5x Skull hats (2x Obtainable through Halloween NPCs)
* 3x Pumpking hats (Obtainable through Halloween NPCs)
* Witches Hat
* Vampire Eyes/Teeth (Obtainable through Halloween NPCs)
* Vampire Costume
* Houndoom Mount & Shiny Houndoom Mount
* Shiny Manectric Mount

- New tools to help Moderate users for the staff
* Ban/Behaviour Records
* Trade Records
* Game Information

- Baton Pass stat change bug has been fixed.
- Slowpoke to Slowking now removes the Kings Rock correctly.
- Confirmation box on usage of MS Medalion
- Battle requests now show how many Pokemon the user has.
- Legendarys are not Tradable
- Shadow Claw TM now ingame (TM115)
- Shadow Ball TM now ingame (TM80)
- False Swipe TM now ingame (TM104)
- Fixed a few Android crashes.
- Fixed resolution switches sometimes incorrect in DX11.
- Fixed UI messing up when resolution change in DX9.
- Mac OSX Keyboard is now working again.
- Game now supports up to 100 mounts instead of 10 (Let us ride all of those Pokemanz!)
- PMs will now work for those who had "add" in their name.

Currently Working On:

Ranked PvP & Ladders.
Ranked PvP Information & Requirements.
- You will need a team of 6 level 100's to participate in Ranked PvP.
- There will be various options/tiers of battles with their own Ranking Ladders
- You will be matched up agaisnt random people, based on you and your opponents PvP Rating for that tier.
- Each season of PvP will most likely run for 30 days and the top ranking Players will be rewarded. At the end of the reason the Ranked ladders will reset.
- The amount of Rating lost or gained from winning/losing is determined on you and your opponents current rating.

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Posted: Fri Nov 27, 2015 4:04 am
by Shane
Update List for v_91_3

- Gligar now Evolves via Razor Fang.
- Moxie now tells you it raised Attack.
- Speed Boost works. (doesnt have a message however)
- Sucker Punch should no longer hit you when you try to Run or use an Item.
- Mean look should now only apply while the Pokemon that used it is out.
- The "Was switch out" message now tells you the correct Pokemon that switched out.
- There was a bug, where occasionly Status moves would not take effect for the rest of the Battle. This should now be fixed.
- Lum Berry should now be applied when your turn starts and no longer just the end of it (If you get paralized from a faster pokemon, the lum berry should be consumed and allow you to attack after).
- The same applies for Persim Berry and some others
- Acupressure move should now work correctly.
- Beat Up is now using Base Attack and no Longer current Attack stat as per latest Gen.
- Electroball no longer ignores speed loss from Paralysis.
- The item Thick Club now works.
- Manectrics 2nd Ability should now work.
- Marowaks 2nd Ability should now work.
- Competitive ability now works.
- Future sight should no longer hit you after you win the battle.
- Poison Point ability now works correctly for only contact moves
- Moon Blast working correctly
- Play Rough should work correctly.
- Can no longer start talking to an NPC whilst you are still in battle
- Some more Anti-Cheat methods for speed hacking and such.
- Piloswine's name is now correct
- User movement should be smoothed out, no more players and pokemon that follow just popping about.
- Crash on client that sometimes happens in populated areas should be fixed.
- Users should no longer disappear a few tiles away from doors or get stuck in them anymore, they should walk up to them and disappear correctly.
- Users should fade in cleaner/smoother
- Vampire Eyes should no longer make some hairs disappear.
- More attack animations
- Super fun happy time EXP Bonus that will be switched on every so often (Much like the Halloween bonus)
- If both users use Roar at the same time, the slower Pokemon will no longer use roar after the faster pokemon used roar.
- Petal Blizzard is now correctly set to not make contact.
- Aqua Ring should now be working correctly
- Rapid Spin no longer removes entry hazards when used on Ghost Pokemon
- Focus Punch move should now work correctly.
- Justified Ability should now work.
- Flash Fire Ability should now work.
- Taunt now stops Teleport from working.
- Drain Punch move now works correctly.
- Dragon Tail should now work correctly in PVP.
- Moves like Role Play or Trace no longer keep the temporary ability they gain.
- Lampent and Chandulre now have correct Abilities.
- Taunt now stops Roar and Whirlwind from working.

- If you are in a PVP Battle, and do not make a move within 100 seconds, you will be disconected.
- Visual indicator of time left to make a move in PVP.
- Match Making System for RANKED battles, (To trial/get started we will just be allowing any team goes ladder for now).

- 2 Separate reasons for the Server Crashing have been fixed.

Re: Download the game

Posted: Sat Dec 05, 2015 10:46 am
by Shane
Android Update (Download Available now) (These updates will come to PC/MAC soon)

- Loading the Game will no longer lockup for ages, and will show you what it is doing and where it is up to.
- You can turn off Move Animations incase they do not agree with your device.
- Freeze on opening PC should be fixed for those who had this issue on some devices.
- Opening Items in battle shouldn't take as long now.

Re: Download the game

Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2015 1:27 am
by Shane
The following should now be fixed.

- Sometimes users get stuck in battle and it wont finish
- Sometimes users Pokemon don't show up
- Sometimes users items don't show
- Sometimes users shop data doesn't load
- Sometimes users guild data or friends lists don't show
- Sometimes peoples box's don't show Pokemon

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Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2016 12:41 pm
by Shane
V 0.93 info for players:

[font=Helvetica]- Server Queue System for when the server is full.
- Egg moves will now be obtainable via an Egg Move Teacher in the day cares (Unlockable after beating a certain Boss NPC)
- Spore no longer sleeps grass Pokemon
- Badly Poisined 'N' value should now reset when you switch Pokemon
- Block should no longer stop your opponent from switching after you switch out
- Sleep Powder no longer sleeps grass Pokemon
- Guillotine should no longer have a chance to hit a Higher level Pokemon
- Being hit from confusion no longer stops status affects
- Recovery amounts on Drain/Absorb moves should now be correct
- Endeavor no longer affects Ghost type Pokemon
- Baton Pass no longer takes priority.
- Roar type moves now switch a Random Pokemon if possible and not just the next in line.
- Pokemon with Levitate should no longer be hit with Spikes or Toxic Spikes
- Wrap and Bind no longer affect Ghost type Pokemon.
- Storm Drain should work
- Lightning Rod should now negate Electric attacks
- No longer get stuck after being teleported outside the Safari sometimes.
- Fixed a bug where some people had a freeze during Character creation.
- Sky Attack now charges up on the first turn.
- Staff tags are no longer harsh on the eyes.
- When learning moves, there is no longer a bug that sometimes causes you to learn the previous move asked to learn.
- More move animations have been added.
- PVP Rewards for Season 1 have been given.
- There is/will be 3 new hats to get from quests
- Is some new kimono clothes in the Coin Shop.
- Game now supports different item icons for girls and boys.[/font]

Re: Download the game

Posted: Wed Jan 20, 2016 1:31 am
by Shane
- Sheer Cold, Horn Drill, Fissure and Guillotine should now work correctly
- Fixed bug with bypassing queue
- Fire Spin, Wrap, and Bind should now work correctly.
- Sturdy now negates 1HKO moves

Re: Download the game

Posted: Tue Feb 02, 2016 4:34 am
by Shane
- Beat Up now calculates correct damage
- Defog should now work
- Rock types now get SPDEF bonus in sandstorm weather
- You can now see Entry Hazards on the field if you mouse over Pokemons Healthbar/Name in battle.
- Psychics chance to lower SPDEF is now correct
- Heal Bell no longer heals things like leech seed.
- Grass whistle's accuracy is now correct
- Sturdy no longer stops Explosion
- Explosion now works correctly
- Sticky Web now works and is applied to the movesets of the Pokemon who learn it.
- TM111 Will-O-Wisp is now available
- TM54 Calm Mind is now available
- TM75 Swords Dance is now available
- TM69 Roost is now available
- TM81 Brick Break is now available
- TM96 Thief is now available
- Fake out no longer fails if the opponent switches out.
- Rain and Sun weather effects are now increasing Attack Power correctly, 50% not 100%
- Baton Pass will fail if you are Frozen, Sleeping, Fully Paralized.
- Psyshock now calculates damage using the user's Special Attack and the opponent's Defence stat.
- Pokemon should now still be hit by Burn/Curse/Toxic/etc when confused.
- Poison Powder will no longer Poison Grass Type Pokemon.
- Stun Spore will no longer Paralize Grass Type Pokemon.
- The Move Brick Break is now coded and removes Light Screen and Reflect from battle.
- Sand Rush no longer takes damage from sandstorm
- Sand Force now works
- Knock Off now does the 50% extra damage if opponent is holding an item.
- Flame Body no longer activates if you try to hit a ghost type like Chandelure with a fighting or normal move.
- High Jump Kick and Jump Kick should now hurt you with crash damage if you try to use it on a Ghost type.
- You can now evolve Magneton into Magnezone by level up inside Power Plant.

(These 2 Items Last Forever, they are not consumable.. there was just no where else to place them in the Coin Shop)
- There is now an Tree Axe item available from the coin store, which allows you to cut trees if you own HM01 - Cut.
- There is now a Pick Axe item available from the coin store which allows you to break rocks!