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Punishment Policy Overview

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Mon Jun 13, 2016 6:39 pm

It has come to my attention that most players don't know what's punishable. In attempts to create transparency between staff-player relations I'm releasing PRO's Punishment Policy, but not in it's entirety. I have removed punishment duration for all infractions S2-S4 on purpose, this will remain within staff. Some of you think staff can punish without cause or evidence, which is not true. The idea behind this is to inform the community on what is punishable and how things are handled.

Severity Levels - are a way of grouping infractions together in order to fit them into a category. With each category the punishment is more severe.
Repeat infractions(if continued) - Players committing a violation following the issuance of their first infraction will receive punishment of the next level of severity.
Mute - limits the target from conversation for a number of seconds/minutes
kick - kicks target from the server
Quietban - mute of a larger scale that last for days, prevents the target from chatting and pm's

Verbal Warnings - Verbal Warnings are a way of letting a user know that their actions are in violation of the rules and to cease such conduct.
Non Verbal Warnings - Mutes and kicking can be viewed as non verbal warnings. Muting or kicking a user is considered temporary punishment and is not used for severe punishment.
Further Information can be found in the Ingame Chat Rules Guideline

Severity 1
Inappropriate Behavior - profanity or vulgar language/spamming/evading word filter/toxic behavior/symbols spamming
Advertising without staff approval(games and websites)
Wrong Chat - first infraction a verbal warning is mandatory, then escalate to 2nd, 3rd and so on.
Mute evasion - automatic quietban

1st infraction = 60 second mute
2nd infraction= 120 second mute
3rd infraction= 300 second mute or kick

(if deemed necessary escalate to first infraction S2 punishment ) 4th infraction = quietban

Severity 2
(if continued) any S1 infraction
Unacceptable Behavior - Harassment/Hate speech/Racism/Making threats against Users
Impersonating Staff
Adult content(such as linking adult sites)
Glitch/Bug Abuse - abuse has several categories.
- Item Abuse
- Battle/PVP Abuse
Speed Hacking - automatic ban(increase to S3 if continues)
Attempted Real Money Trading/Real World Trading
Trade Related Infractions
- Fake bidding/buyer
- Attempted scams
- Successful Scams/Accomplice to scams
- Disrespect and Toxic/Trashtalk behaviour with no grounds directed to staff and users.
Severity 3
(if continued) any S1 - S2 infraction
Inappropriate Username
Inappropriate Guild Use(such as improper use of guild logo and etc)
Fake Screenshots/Evidence
3rd Infraction Successful Scam
Account Spamming (creating several accounts for starters, botting alts, and etc)
Use Of Automated Software(macro/botting)
Real Money Trading/Accomplice to RMT
Hiding the rule breaking information or culprit itself (both staff or player).

Severity 4
(if continued) S1 - S3 repeated offenders
Gaining access to accounts/Hacking Accounts
Making threats against server(such as implying ddos and other malicious threats)
Advertising malicious apps and illicit programs(such as hacking tools and etc)