Information about the PRO Blue Server

Find mechanical information about PRO's in-game features and services here.

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Tue Mar 15, 2016 5:23 am

[align=center]Hello, PRO Community![/align]

Due to the recently released PRO Blue server, people have been curious about quite a few different topics. Here are some answers to a some of the frequently asked questions.

1) Q: Will my MS (membership) that I have on Red transfer over to Blue?

A: No, PRO's Red server and Blue server are not going to link MS status, thus if you have MS on Red, but you want it on Blue as well, you will need to donate for it on Blue separately.

2) Q: I have over 350 coins in my my account on Red, will I be able to spend them on Blue as well?

A: Just like MS, you will not have your coins on Blue. Donations between each server will be held separately. Anything you've donated for on Red will stay on Red, and vice versa.

3) Q: I've gotten a lot of progress done on PRO's Red server, and don't want to start over if I go to Blue.. Any way I can fix that?

A: No, Blue is a separate server from Red, that includes your saves. Anything that you have on Red (Pokemon, items, vanity items, etc.) will not be available to you when you log into Blue server. It's a fresh start, fresh character. However, your save on the Red server will stay. You will just have two separate saves between the servers... BUT you can use the same account on both servers, you will NOT have to create another account to play PRO's Blue server.

[align=center]Additional Information[/align]

Story-line and Map;

Blue server is a separate server from red, created to expand the size of the PRO community, and create more room for more players. Story-line, Map, available Pokemon, etc will be the same as it is on Red.


There are separate trading Forums for both Red ( ... m.php?f=37) and Blue ( ... .php?f=109) when you plan to use the forums to trade, please insure that you're on the right Forum associated with what server you will be trading on.